The Dude’s Cure All

If there’s one thing New Brunswickers love, it’s drinkin’ in the woods. And no one here, has ever come up with a classier way to do it, than grabbin’ a six-pack and crammin’ that ass into a tube.

That’s right…Tubing! Problem is we get maybe 2 or 3 moths of tubing weather, then back into our igloos.

Turns out we’ve had the solution to this since the 80’s.

Ladies & Gentlemen. Toobin’.

This game is all kind of Awesome. First of all, the dude.

Dudes got charisma. And them shades. Also, handy tip, matching your shorts to your hair, and you’ll get all the ladies.

Dude takes us all over the world.

The Amazon. Note the floating six-pack.

The Rio Grande. Where guys in sombreros and ponchos shoot at you, and bulls trample anyone over the legal limit.

Even the Jurassic! My favourite country. That dinosaur is druuuuunk! Thank god he passed out on his side.

Finally, back home to New Brunswick.

This is a fun game, and a blast from the past. Not too hard. Just fun.

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