Stompin’ Tom License Plate Vote

I have hatched a Brilliant Idea! Stompin’ Tom Connors on the License Plate. Genius, you say? You are Correct. Born in Saint John NB Stompin’ Tom is a Canadian Country Legend and Canadian Icon. For God Sakes he wrote The Good Ol’ Hockey Game!

Here’s one of my Favorite Tom Tunes…

These all contain lyrics from Tom’s Songs. Please Vote for your favorite at the Bottom.

From The Ketchup Song

From Luke’s Guitar

From Sudbury Saturday Night

That’s all for now. Perhaps we’ll have some more Tom Plates down the road.

Run With Us

Growing up in rural NB, a big part of a lot of kid’s childhood was TV. And in rural NB there ain’t that many options. We had 5 channels in Jemseg, two of which were the same (one with better reception) and another was French. Which I do not speak. Sacrebleu! So 3 options basically. And any cartoon that was on was the obvious winner.

One such winner was the Animated Program The Raccoons. Maybe you remember it. Bunch of animals in the forest. Environmental lessons. Cyril Sneer. If you remember anything about this cartoon it’s probably Cyril Sneers nose.

This show, and in particular the shows ending credit’s music, has made a resurgence in my life thanks to the ending credit’s of another soon to be Canadian Classic. The Halifax Produced Exploitation Film, Hobo with a Shotgun.

Run With Us by Lisa Lougheed is 80’s-Tastic and the Song is Catchy as Hell. She even voiced Lisa on The Raccoons. This Song will stay with me until the Day I Die. Here is the Hobo Mash-Up Version.

Buddy Guy at Harvest Jazz & Blues 2011

Apparently Buddy Guy has been booked as an All-Star replacement for Gregg Allman at this years Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton, NB.

Allman has been suffering from health issues for some time. This is actually the second year in a row he has had to pull out of the Festival.

I for one am very satisfied with the Festival’s choice for a replacement. Buddy Guy is a legend in his own time. Me and Dane actually watched ‘Hustle & Flow’ this past weekend, and the opening credits feature the most Groovin’ Buddy song you will ever hear. Check it below.