The Worst McCain Pizza in the World

So my buddy is over, and we need a snack, and we po, cause we’re from NB. Lucky for me, I got a great deal on a pizza from my local grocer. Only $3 for a pizza. I could hardly believe the deal I got. Then I opened the box.

Who could have done this to an innocent pizza?

I couldn’t believe what came out of this box. It looked like someone had frozen this pizza, then punched it to Smithereens!

The Horror! The Horror!

Truly no pizza deserved the fate that befouled this poor dish. It was sad. But I am not of the class where I can choose to waste food, just cause it ain’t pretty. So the best thing I could do for this roasted mushroom and garlic pizza, was to cook it, and eat it.

Sadly, things went from bad to worse.


I forgot this poor pizza in the oven. And burnt it beyond recognition. I still ate it.

The horror of that night, and the foul taste of the Worst McCain Pizza in the World, will haunt my dreams for years to come. Pray for me.

NB License Plate Gallery

The shameful state of NB’s current plate

I’ve collected my suggestions for a replacement to NB’s terrible license plate into a Galley Page. Please check it out, and comment on you favorite one, or suggest what you think should be NB’s new slogan.

Sussex Flea Market 2012 is Coming

The Sussex Flea Market is one of my favorite New Brunswick events. Not the highest profile, and certainly not the classiest, but rich in garbagey goodness. And it’s this weekend! Aug 17-19, 2012!

Not A Vendor

There are always tons of vendors which range from those who specialize in things like flags, coins, automative parts, folk art, books, leather, sports collectables, and so much more. And plenty of folks who just want to unload there garage on some poor unsuspecting fool who has watched one too many antique road shows.

I’ve gotten lots of useful and useless things from the Sussex Flea Market in the past: Mittens from Nepal, Jackie Brown (one of Quentin Tarantinos Finest), Sun Catchers, Mugs, Blankets, Buttons, Hats, Knives, and a ton of other shit. If you go, you’ll find something.