The Elderly Are Among US

It’s no secret to anyone living in New Brunswick that our elderly population is growing at an incredible rate. If you’re a Senior, this dedicated to you.

Felix Cartal – World Class Driver (dir. Josh Forbes) from More Media on Vimeo.

At Least We’re Tryin’

Sometimes New Brunswick does not come off as the coolest of Canada’s Provinces. Or even Territories. Quebec is Cool because they’re French and don’t really care what the rest of Canada thinks. Ontario has that REALLY tall tower. Newfoundland and Dwayne Johnson share the nickname the Rock. BC has Pot. Lots of Pot. I could go on, but the general theme I’m getting at is we may not be the coolest Province, but at least we’re tryin’.

Stompin’ Tom License Plate Vote

I have hatched a Brilliant Idea! Stompin’ Tom Connors on the License Plate. Genius, you say? You are Correct. Born in Saint John NB Stompin’ Tom is a Canadian Country Legend and Canadian Icon. For God Sakes he wrote The Good Ol’ Hockey Game!

Here’s one of my Favorite Tom Tunes…

These all contain lyrics from Tom’s Songs. Please Vote for your favorite at the Bottom.

From The Ketchup Song

From Luke’s Guitar

From Sudbury Saturday Night

That’s all for now. Perhaps we’ll have some more Tom Plates down the road.

We Got Trees, Baby

If there is one thing we have not shortage of in New Brunswick, it trees. The Forestry Sector in NB is one of the Major supporters to our economy. We have had Sawmills and Pulp and Paper Mills all over this Province. If your in NB you’re never far from the woods.

Although this plate is a little Tongue-In-Cheek, the Forestry Industry is very important to New Brunswick. We would do well to remember this, and treat this beautiful Land with Care and Respect.

North Star Sports Bar Memorial Plate

Fredericton is soon to be in a Sad State. It is losing it’s only strip club. The North Star Sports Bar, located on Fredericton’s North Side.

The city is buying the Property under the Guise of Saving us from the Hell’s Angel, who it has been reported, were interested in the Premises. I have no idea if this is true, and frankly, I don’t give a shit. What kind of city has No Strip Club.

The club was never known as a High Class Strip Bar. The Logo itself was an obvious rip-off of the Minnesota North Star’s Logo. Not only was it a strip bar, but a Pub that served food. Are Crabs on the Menu today? And after an inspection of the property the City found the Area to be Contaminated. Insert VD joke Here. But one thing the North Star did do well was keep the Province’s Capital City one more step away from becoming a very Conservative, Uptight, Yuppie Utopia.

City By-Laws will keep any other Strip Clubs from popping up anytime in the foreseeable future. So this is goodbye North Star. You will be missed.